Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pulled in different directions...

Wow.. So lately things have really changed. I have had great moments that I have truly missed. God is really workin on things in my life and I feel at peace where he is taking me. Since things are going so well... You know what that means. It means that others will try to discourage you, bring you down, and make you second guess every blessing God is giving you. It hurts me sometimes that others can't be happy for you. Maybe they dont understand what your doing at the moment but it shouldnt matter. I just need everyone to worry about their own lives and if they suspect that I am not doing something right then I would appreciate prayer. Not discouragement-- especially on the one thing that makes me so happy!

I also learned since the last time I blogged that a friend of mine had different intentions that never ever would have crossed my mind. It sucks. I care a lot about that person and now that this has come up... We no longer can be close like we were. I was there for them.. And they were always there for me. But now, everything changes. Everything is awkward and complicated. I don't know what to think about it honestly. I kinda am shocked by it. I'm just gonna miss my friend.

I know that when you are being attacked by something/someone that means that you must be doing something right and something that the devil feels threatened by. So I am holdin on and trying to constantly love others despite all of their discouragments and blows to my heart. I am commanded to love everyone as Christ loves the church. I will do my part and hopefully they will come around. This is hard but I am learning to be more tolerable and to cling closer and more on Gods word and not the approval of man.

I feel like I am being pulled on several different directions but I am keeping my focus and trying to be strong.