Monday, January 30, 2012

My life couldnt be anymore perfect...

Wow... Its been a while since I posted last. Me and Blake are back. Stronger and more in love than ever. It was like God had to take me to a place where all I had was his love and nothing or nobody else on this earth to depend on. I found inner peace with myself and as that happened -- my life started to get better and relationships started to form out of the blue. I mean, come on... being apart for 7 months and never speaking at all.. and all the sudden we are talking - confessing our feelings to each other, and so on. That stuff doesnt just happen. It is destined by God. It amazes me. Blake is awesome. We are awesome. WE are a complete 180 degrees from what we were. But in a good way.. a GREAT way. I cannot WAIT to see what happens next. We have been back for 4 months and these 4 months have simply been better than the past 2 years we had together. I am tickled to death!

So in Love,